Sunday, September 27, 2009

Swensens, SS2

After our Italian feast, I treated everyone to desert at Swensens - which was located on the other side of the block, and at the opposite end of the Italian shop.

Dan and I shared a desert, Coit Tower (RM16.90). It has always been my favourite since I was a little girl. The coit tower consist of vanilla and chocolate ice-cream, slices of bananas, strawberry chunks and syrup, chocolate fudge, crushed peanuts and whipped cream. I love bananas and ice-cream!

We ordered french fries too, since we had 2 little boys with us and also because my mum loves their fries. Their fries are served with 2 sauces; BBQ sauce and tartar sauce. The french fries taste great with the BBQ sauce. In my opinion, another must-have at Swensens.
The rest had ice-creams too, but I did not want to interrupt or stop anyone from enjoying their desserts so that I can just take a few pics for my blog :D

There are still many more reviews coming up on my birthday feasting marathon, so stay tuned :D

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